Hormones in Harmony

#121 The Gut-Hormone Connection with Brie Wieselman

May 24, 2021

Brie Wieselman, L.Ac is the medical director of Brie Wieselman Integrative Health, a clinic of integrative practitioners in Santa Cruz, CA.

Prior to founding the clinic, she spent several years specializing in the integrative treatment of infertility and subfertility at IVF centers and fertility practices in the San Francisco Bay Area and also in a local clinic specializing in the Integrative treatment of Hepatitis C.

Her post-degree education in Functional Medicine has been through The Kalish Institute and The Institute for Functional Medicine. She keeps up-to-date with the latest discoveries and innovations by attending various continuing education seminars with some of the brightest minds in Functional Medicine, such as Datis Kharrazian, Ben Lynch, and Dr Dale Bredesen, as well as many others.  She also a certified Pilates and Barre instructor, as well as a certified Life Coach.


We discuss:

Brie’s health journey & what made the biggest impact for her

The gut/hormone connection

H.pylori, SIBO & yeast overgrowths 

How Eastern medicine views these imbalances



GI Map by Diagnostic Solutions

DUTCH Complete Hormone Test

Month-Long cycle panels by ZRT

ION panel by Genova Diagnostics

OAT by Great Plains Laboratory 


Keto Bread by Base Culture


Book Recommendation:

Chinese Medicine - The Web That Has No Weaver by Ted J. Kaptchuk


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