Hormones in Harmony

#136 Reconnecting To Your Body Using Flower Essences & The Truth Behind Big Pharma with Lauren Geertsen

September 6, 2021

Lauren Geertsen is a Body Connection Coach and the creator of the holistic health website EmpoweredSustenance.com, which has supported over 40 million readers. She's the author of The Invisible Corset: Break Free of Beauty Culture and Embrace Your Radiant Self, and the founder of Floral Song Flower Essences.









We discuss

- How Lauren got into her line of work

- Why women are so disconnected from their bodies

- Book: The Invisible Corset

- Pharmaceutical propaganda/history of the pharmaceutical industry/how pharmaceuticals further body disconnection

- What are flower essences/how they work/how they can support body re-connection

- Difference between essential oils & just using supplements



The Flexner Report


The Dark Horse Podcast


Rockefeller’s Operation Lockstep

Event 201






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